Company Profile


Who Are We?

Integrated Power Systems is a Colorado company operating since 2005. IPS provides multi-discipline services for a variety of customers and in the industrial, commercial, utility-scale renewable energy markets. This includes:

  • Engineering, procurement, construction management, construction.
  • System optimization, energy profile analysis, performance validations, commissioning test, and plant operating design services.
  • Consulting services to governments, utilities, developers, solar panel and inverter manufacturers, and construction companies.

Design Service Provided to Global Clients:

IPS provides design services to utility-scale customers; such as, Mil Energy, Eurus Energy, SolarReserve, Gill Simpson, Indian Energy, Senergy, Washington Power, Miki Global Renewable Energy, Aurinkotekno Oy, Maxx-Solar-Maxx-Wind, and substantial investment groups. We provide qualification and performance evaluation tests to major grid-tie and off-grid solar panel and inverter manufacturers.



IPS area of disciplines and services are summarized on the services page where you will also find some of the images associated to the completed solar projects through direct and indirect involvement of the company CEO, Dr. Argaw. Dr. Neway Argaw has wide range of experience and expertise in solar and wind industries as one of the most prestigious and premier solar experts in the world.


Strategically Partnered Companies

IPS is strategically partnered with number of construction companies and with solar module, inverter, racking system, and other major equipment manufacturers here in the USA and around the world. IPS has several MW of pipeline solar projects in USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

IPS engineers and designers whose practical design experience complemented by our wide-reaching relationships with solar panel and inverter manufacturers seamlessly deliver projects that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations on schedules, budgets and other performance factors.

We have experience with each task and process; we understand what is important and how it fits into the big picture. We have documented processes that we use for engineering, procurement and construction, as well as experience-based assumptions that allow us to adapt and apply those processes efficiently and effectively.

Regardless of the level of complexity, our integrated approach is to blend the required design components to provide a finished product within time and budget, and maximizes the quality of the final product by minimizing eventual field conflicts between systems. Traditional project delivery methods (utilizing multiple consultants, contractors and subcontractors) often results in fragmentation and cost overruns; our multi-discipline team approach minimizes these issues by facilitating cross-engineering communication from the onset of a project. The result is a reduction in customer risk, better efficiency, and cost effective service.